grace-ful ped-a-go-gy

Graceful – Adjective

“having or showing favor or good will” (

Pedagogy – Noun

“the method and practice of teaching, especially an academic subject or theoretical concept” (

Recently, I went to the Ron Clark Academy which is a middle school (5th – 8th grades) in Atlanta, GA designed to educate the educator. I’ll post more on my experience later, but today is about why I felt driven to create a blog. There, they discussed the need for teachers to try new things and stop doing the same things that have always been done. Ron Clark said, “Most teachers are bread. Bread is great; Bread is comfortable! But…Bread is boring. Why be bread when you can be PIZZA!? Pizza has pizazz. Pizza is fun.” Guys, the man said pizza, and he had my attention. Pizza is my favorite meal (even still as a 20something-year-old).  I left that day knowing I would be Pizza for the rest of my life.

I was in awe. I could not stop talking about this experience with my husband (who I’m sure is tired of hearing about Ron Clark by now). The next day, I returned to work with this insane passion to change the world – with only 1 week left of school (YES! 1 week…). I was so passionate about this that I had both coworkers and my administration excited. But…what do I do with only 1 week left?

I did what any sane person would do…I decided to put myself out there and create a blog. I have (and find) great ideas, and I love sharing my ideas. But I had all these questions and concerns….What do I have to give to others? Am I even good enough? Why would anyone care to read my words? What, on earth, would I call this thing? Of course, it has to be creative to gather any amount interest…So, I just jumped off the ledge and did it. Rather, my husband purchased the domain before I had the chance to chicken out (Thank you again for your support, Matt! I couldn’t do it without you…Really, I couldn’t…).

I’m sure many of you are wondering why I chose this title? {Grace}ful Pedagogy…If you’re not an educator, you may really be scratching your head right now…But…Let me explain…

Graceful because I am a lover of God who extends grace on the daily (…multiple times) with me. I run my classroom with grace, and my students appreciate me because of it. I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect my students to think I am. They’re not perfect…They make mistakes frequently (I mean, isn’t that what education is about?). So, we run our classroom on grace (and sometimes chaos). When I make a mistake, or say something less-than-kind in a moment of frustration with my students, I apologize. The students often grant me grace. I don’t deserve it, but they are so kind and loving to me. It’s an expectation we all have of one another. There is mutual respect, and our class is a family.

Pedagogy because I want to share all about my passion for education and teaching. Teaching is both an art and a science, and I want to share the art of the teaching to others. I am a high school healthcare science teacher which is probably the most exciting class in the school (I am biased…). I don’t have a traditional degree in education. I started my first career as a registered nurse. I had 2 weeks to get ready for my teaching career (almost 5 years ago now), and I had no clue what to do with the students. Guys, I’m not kidding….No. Clue. I entered the school that first day month 6 months completely terrified and certain I would be back at the hospital the next year. But, I fell in love – with the kids, the education, all of it. I can’t see myself anywhere else but here as a teacher. I love what I do, and I am so thrilled I get to share my ideas, successes, failures, everything with you guys.

Thank you for reading along! I look forward to sharing!

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